i know everyone who reads my fic has been very angry with me, and i am truly sorry i haven’t been¬†communicating my situation well enough, but i’ve been having some personal stuff go down in the past couple weeks and writing has kind of been on the bottom of my list. i am on my summer break now and as things hopefully clear up, i promise the first thing i will do is update. just know that i haven’t forgotten and i appreciate those of you who remain supportive.

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posted 2 years ago

You're No Chris Colfer

HELLO!! Kathleen :) I cry about klaine and crisscolfer a lot and I worship the hunger games, starkid, hp and doctor who
Dianna Agron should marry me and Chris Colfer and Darren Criss light up my world like a mutha fuckin lamp

p.s. purple is the color shirt chris was wearing when i met him so my blog shall forever be a homage to that ;) (plus it's my favorite color)